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Brake issue on my 06 GT

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  • Brake issue on my 06 GT

    My brakes have started doing weird things. I drove the car about 30 minutes this morning -- stop and go on city streets -- with no problem. But a few hours later on the return trip home the car pulled hard to the left the first time I hit the brakes at a stoplight. At the next light, they were fine and the car stopped in a straight line. Then it would pull hard to the left again, then straight. And later it would pull hard to the right.

    It's dark now, so I haven't looked under the hood or at each wheel to see if there's any leaking fluid, but that'll be the first thing I do tomorrow morning. Anything else I should check?

    The car doesn't have that many miles on it -- about 20,000 -- and has never so much as hit a curb since I bought it brand new. Tire air pressures are good and it rolls straight down the road, until I apply the brakes. And when that happens I have no idea which way it's going to go -- left, right or straight.


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    First thought would be the calipers sticking, lubricate, check the slides and pads. Second would be weather this is driven every day ? Rotors tend to get a rusty surface if the car sets for long periods. I think a good inspection on both sides are warranted.
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      Drove it again today and there were no problems with the brakes. I'm going to take a close look at everything tomorrow.

      Yes, the car had sat for about three weeks while I was out of town. My concern is that it drove perfect on the 45-minute drive right out of the garage after that long period of sitting, but later in the afternoon on the drive home is when the brakes pulled in both directions.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Could it be ABS related?
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          If a caliper is sticking, wouldn't the car pull to one side even when I'm not on the brakes? When it pulls, it happens only under braking and the only way I can keep it from darting left (or right) is to wrench the steering wheel or to let off the brakes. When I let off the brakes it doesn't pull to either side.


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            +1 ole ford tech. Most likely not an ABS issue Steve....sounds base brake to me. Sticking caliper pins and/or pistons will not act up all the time. Might be ok one minute, act up the next. Seems I remember seeing issues with those particar calipers, especially on cars that sit ALOT, like yours. 20k miles in 8-9 years is a lot of sitting.

            The fact the car doesn't get driven much, a good brake inspection is in order. Rust build up on the rotors can gum up the pads but you'd have other symptoms with that.....brake noise, pulsation, etc.

            Best advice...get your brakes checked out.
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              Thought I'd give an update after driving the Mustang the past two weeks while in Seattle for the holidays.

              I haven't taken it to a brake shop, but it seems to have improved quite a bit the more I drove it. It was pretty severe when I first drove it -- pulled to the right at the first stop light, dead straight at the second, then to the left. I always make sure tires have the right air pressure after I haven't driven it in a few weeks, and it was fairly low on all four corners. it also felt a lot better after getting the air pressures back to where they should be.

              The Mustang will go idle another six weeks while I'm out of town soon, but I'm looking forward to my next trip back to see how it behaves. So far, I'm encouraged.