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Added another Mustang to the garage

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  • Added another Mustang to the garage

    Finally pulled the trigger. Been thinking about this and planning ($$) for a while now. 2008's are already at dealers, but found what I wanted to a-T in an '07, so it was a no-brainer; went for the '07 to get the rebate. Awesome car, I love it. Put over 1000 miles on it the first week I had it. Had it for 3 weeks now. Of course, it is a GT, and 5 speed. Here are a couple quick and dirty pictures,

    This is my new DD, should be fun in MI during the winter, just moved to Detroit. Thought I'd share the pictures of it with you guys.

    EDIT: sorry 1st picture is blury. And one other comment. Fit and finish on this car is next to perfection. I can't find any flaws in it. Ford really got it right, no wonder this car was on top of all the quality awards, it shows!

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    Sweet! Congratulations and happy motoring!
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      AWESOME! great looking car!
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        That is one Beautiful Pony ....... Man, am I jealous ...... I've owned 5Mustangs and 4 of them have been RED, so you know I love that car .....
        Best of Luck and Congratulations ..... looks great bone stock ..... rear 1/4window louvres and 1 1/2 inch "drop" springs ...... some 4 chamber FlowMasters ..... (Geez I'm talking like it's my car ).....
        Enjoy the ride !!!!!
        Eddie "D"
        '70 Sports Roof, 351 W, 13.1 @ 107: Maple Grove.
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          Looks very nice. Congrats!


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            Cool ride! Congrats!
            Motor Safe!


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              I agree with everything above, that is a beautiful car

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                Congrats, and a very fine choice of color I might add. unk:

                Semper Fidelis


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                  I'm jealous...I need to win the Lottery so I can buy a new one (and still keep the old one of course).

                  Congrats on your new wheels!!!:beer:
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                    Very nice. I'm jealous.
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                      new car

                      That's an awesome car! Congrats.
                      Jeff S.
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                        thanks guys!

                        I'm really enjoying the car in stock form. Been getting GREAT mileage for the size of engine and weight of the car (23-24 mpg) for a mix of 60/40 hwy/city.

                        Of course, I kept my '65 Mustang. Always will need something to tinker with, and take to cruise-ins.

                        If anyone is on the fence about one of these cars, the worst thing you can do is test drive one. That sealed the deal for me. It went from a WANT to a MUST HAVE


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                          Very nice! Congratulations!

                          As for the color, I'm very partial to the reds myself! unk:
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                            Looking Good!!!
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                              1 year update

                              Bringing back the original post!

                              I've had the car just over a year now. The honeymoon just doesn't end with this car

                              Here are a couple pictures after the ritual saturday morning wash.

                              I swapped out the wheels for the optional OEM 18" polished aluminum version. I kept the stock 17"s that you can see in the top post for winter tires. This Mustang gets driven.

                              Just under 25,000 miles driven in the past year. I would recomend the new Mustangs to just about anyone wanting a fun daily driver. So far it has been oil changes every 5,000 and fill the tank and go! Ford did a great job with this car as far as I'm concerned!