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T5 5-speed Sealing Torque Specs

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    1995 SPECS

    Gear Ratios

    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th REV
    5.0L / 3.35 1.99 1.34 1 0.68 3.15
    3.8L / 3.35 1.93 1.29 1 0.73 3.51

    Inspection Standards and Tolerances

    Component mm/Inches

    Synchronizer Blocking Ring to Conical Face of Gear 0.5/0.020
    Flywheel Runout 0.13/0.005
    Flywheel Ring Gear Runout 0.25/0.010

    Assembly Standards

    Component mm/Inches

    Countershaft End Play 0.0254-0.127/0.001-0.005
    T5 Output Shaft End Play 0.0012-0.100/0.0005-0.004
    Cobra-Output Shaft Pre-Load 0.012-0.100/0.0005-0.004

    Lubricant Refill Capacities

    Type Liters Pints
    MERCONŽ Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid 2.6 5.6


    Description N-m/Lb-Ft

    Input Shaft Bearing Retainer 15-27/11-20
    Case Cover Bolts 8-15 /6-11
    Shifter Cover Bolts 17-20/12-15
    Drain Plug 17-29/12-22
    Transmission to Flywheel Housing Retaining Bolts 61-88/45-65
    Speedometer Cable Retaining Screw 6-13/54-115 (Lb-In)
    Transmission Support Bolts 47-68/36-50
    Transmission Extension Housing Retaining Bolts 47-61/30-45
    Transmission Extension Housing Support Retaining Nut 34-48/26-35
    Driveshaft Nuts 95-130/71-95
    Catalytic Converter Retaining Nuts 27-41/20-30
    Gear Shift Lever to Transmission 31-43/23-32
    Shift Boot to Floorpan 4.5-9.5/40-84 (Lb-In)
    Countershaft Rear Bearing Retainer 15-27/11-20
    Backup Lamp Switch 27-47/20-35
    Shift Rail Rear Pin 34-47/25-35
    Reverse Positioning Spring Anchor Pin Bolt 8-15/6-11
    Main Drive Gear Bearing Retainer 15-27/11-20

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  • 65stangman
    started a topic T5 5-speed Sealing Torque Specs

    T5 5-speed Sealing Torque Specs

    My T5 that I am putting into my 65' is leaking from two of the seals. I am planning on re-sealing it and was wondering what are the torque specs to the bolts attaching body to tail, and the top cover? See pictures for the two areas I am re sealing.