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    Whats the easiest path to take to drop the 5.8 in a 94.. Is there a set of LT headers out there that don't take a lot of mods to work .. ? Also mounts and K frames and steering shafts ...

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    Well, they used to put 5.0 engines in those, so the 5.8 would bolt in in terms of mounts and bellhousing as long as you have the V8 K member. Remember the flywheel/flexplate for 5.8 is 28 ounce imbalance and the 5.0 is 50 ounce, so don’t get them mixed up. Headers for the 5.0 would work if you have the room for the extra inch deck height.
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      If they could put a 4.6 in those, the 351W ought to be easy.
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        The 351 swap is pretty easy for the 94/95 cars, especially if it started out as a 5.0. The same motor mounts and accessory brackets work. You just need a 351 lower intake manifold to match your upper intake, and a set of swap headers. There are a few shorty headers out there that are direct swap already built. Supposedly Accufab and Kooks can build a long tube for this application, if you call them. MAC and some others make Fox body 351 long tube headers, but I have heard they can be a pain to install due to interferences.

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          Just saw this post. A 351W is a dead drop in. Was building a 94 several years back. I still have the Accufab headers laying around. I converted to carb and used an Aeromotive fuel pump as I recall.
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