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68 XR7 S Code 427 upgrade

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    AWESOME, Tinker! Glad to hear of someone having some success during these bizarre times!

    - Ryan
    Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. - Henry Ford


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      Is it really a success if you have to raid your 401k to get the money? At least that part of it is safe if the economy goes south in January.
      68 Mustang Coupe, Lime Gold C-code 289 2V Auto ( bone stock econo box)
      68 Cougar XR7 S-code, Lime Frost, 390 4speed, Edelbrock heads, 11.5 comp, 427 Tunnel Wedge intake and 2 600cfm Edelbrock carbs (far from stock)
      2K Excursion Limited V10 4wd
      09 Focus SES
      2K F350 XLT Power Stroke 6Speed Dually
      48 8N ( a work in progress )

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