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Help with ladder bar adjustments

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  • Help with ladder bar adjustments

    I have S&W double adjustable ladder bars and the front bracket has 5 holes and the bars are set in the middle one hole, bottom bar parallel to the ground.
    New motor is running high 6.80's low 6.90's in the 1/8th. Went to a different track Saturday and traction was crappy, car wasn't hooking.
    Which would help the car hook better lowering or raising the bars.
    How changing the car to hook on a bad track effect how it hooks on a good track.
    1968 Mustang Coupe Bracket Car 398W

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    Put the ladder bar in the lowest position in front, and stiffen the rebound on the rear shocks if your on a smooth track. Loosen the front shocks as required by traction and limit the front end travel if you have big tires. This should make your car leave the hardest.


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      Usually lower in the front holes will hit the tires a little softer if the track is slippery.....I usually dont have to mess with mine and I just play with air pressure and shock settings. I run real similar times as you do.....good luck

      oh yea I run the SW bars as well with the bottom bar parallel with the ground....
      65 Mustang,331,12.1, 950 pro systems carb,9 in w/4.56, Hoosier Qtp 28 x 14.5 x15,JPT C4,JPT 8" conv,10.49@127.88


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        Once I found the happy spot for my bars, I have never moved them. If the track isnt prepped well and you cant adjust for it with shock settings and tire pressure, you're pretty much screwed.

        My bars are in the bottom hole on the front bracket, but that put them parallel with the ground. One thing I did do to my car that a big difference in how it hooked at different tracks with varying prep work, was bolt about 100 lbs of lead next to the fuel cell. It's all about consistancy, not who is quicker. And the fact sticking that lead in there only cost me about .02 in the 60', but made the car hook more consistantly, was worth it to me.

        A buddy of mine with a ladderbar car that was running 5.80's would carry a bunch of extra weight with him to the track. If the track prep wasnt good, he would adjust the shocks, tire pressure, and bolt weight in till the car hooked or he made it as good as he could get it. Sometimes you just arent going to make it hook. The only good thing about those days is, everyone else is in the same boat.
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