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ATI Super Damper - Harmonic Damper

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  • ATI Super Damper - Harmonic Damper

    I'm planning my 289 rebuild. I want to have the stock crank internally balanced. I've been trying to make sense of all the different ATI Super Dampers available for my engine.
    Do I need 3 rings or 2?
    Aluminum or steel?
    My timing tab is in the 2 o'clock "A" position, but I don't see any internal balance assemblies with that timing tab
    I need 6.325 OD
    The only part number I see that makes sense is 918895, but it's for external balance.

    What are you 289 guys using for internal balance setups? Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated.

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    neutral balance stroker

    I don;t know if this helps, using a 70;s 302 for a 347 build ,roller cam with 0, neutral balance & the builder tells me my current Fluidampr can be used on motor simply by removing a weight. I bought the Fluidampr when i had the 302 built, like 10 years ago.
    builder says - Great feature of these fluidampr balancers, is there so versatile.