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  • Gardening

    With all the craziness going are any more people thinking of making a garden this year?
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    The wife person is going to start gardening. She is going to look at doing the square foot method. I get to build the boxes for her and get the drip systems going.

    I like gardening, just seems like I am out of time and already have projects I haven't finished.
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      I wish I had time. I may get a few tomato and pepper plants and grow a few, but that will be it if I even do that. Gardens need time and attention, and I just don't have the time.
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        Yep, although it takes time away from other stuff, I find it therapeutic..... My wife & I grow Grape and Roma tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, cuccumbers, cilantro within three strings of electrified fence wire (to keep the critters (deer/rabbits) out. We also have a nice ~10' square of asparagus and ~15' square of garlic that returns thicker every year - now going on 5 years of growing. We also have a few plants of Hungarian Wax Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers outside the fence. We'll eat lots of it fresh all fall, then my wife will can cuccumbers, tomatoes, and make salsa. We dry and use the garlic in most anything throughout the year. We typically will purchase additional asparagus and rubarb as well as Hubbard squash for the freezer.

        This season, I am excited about getting some fourth generation (from my Aunt, who got them from her grandmom) cuccumbers...we recieved a single cuccumber last fall, carefully removed and dried the seeds, stored them in a paper envelope over winter, planted this spring and they all came up! I hope they make nice pickles!

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