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.308 ar15

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  • .308 ar15

    Yep, AR15, not an AR10.

    The weight and overall size of the AR10 is what sent me to a 6.8 for my pig gun. In blinds or in tight brush, I just don't want to be trying to move around a heavy gun. This takes all of that off the table.

    Now if they started talking .260 Rem or 6.5 Creed in that platform....
    Rick Stevens
    Billet Fluid Line Clamps:

    - FFR Mark III Cobra Replica (aka Rayne)
    - 68 Mustang Coupe - drag car under construction
    - 2012 F250 Powerstroke

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    sweet !
    34 FORD coupe...Cleveland POWERED

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      Rick, how about a 458 SoCom Upper. CMMG seems to make a very good upper for the 458... That cartridge would put a real hurt on pigs or any other North American mammal.
      Including THUGS !!
      Eddie "D"
      '70 Sports Roof, 351 W, 13.1 @ 107: Maple Grove.
      "The deadliest weapon in the world is a U.S. Marine and his rifle." Quote by General John J. Pershing U.S. Army.
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        I looked at the .458, but want to go to a suppressor that can be interchanged from .308 down to .223. We headed out in the middle of March, and the 6.8 did a number on them. I shot a 125lb sow at about 70 yards in the neck (my preferred shot on pigs). The bullet shattered the spinal cord deflected down and exited the opposite shoulder, pretty much destroying the shoulder socket on the way out. Since the shoulder about came off, I can't tell you how big the exit was other than it was a mess. She was DRT and didn't take a step. I was shooting Hornady factory loads with a 120gr SST moving about 2500fps. The SST laid a ton carnage in its path. I am not sure I would want to shoot something I want to get mounted with it.

        A bit about the 6.8:
        - Bison Fulcrum Upper, 18" barrel with an Effn-A Comp - 2 ports open
        - BCM Gunfighter charging handle (makes a huge difference with a scope)
        - Generic stripped lower
        - Velocity trigger
        - Magpul ACS-L
        - Nikon M308 mounted in Weaver Tactical rings with Bushmaster risers.

        I just finished up a load test for it using CavityBack Bullets 120gr MKZ and Hornday 120gr SSTs. It's printing .703" groups with the MKZ and 1.1" with the SST at 100 so plenty accurate. That will be my go to load for this rifle.
        - 27.5gr AA2200
        - CCI #41 primer
        - Loaded at max mag length 2.290" COAL
        - 2562 fps average with the MKZ (measured 10m in front of muzzle)
        - 2567 fps average with SST (measured 10m in front of muzzle)
        - No pressure signs on either load so they could go hotter
        Rick Stevens
        Billet Fluid Line Clamps:

        - FFR Mark III Cobra Replica (aka Rayne)
        - 68 Mustang Coupe - drag car under construction
        - 2012 F250 Powerstroke