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    While my previous post was quite long, it was a VERY, VERY condensed version! I believe that his intelligence promoted the lying and the two combined led him to believe that he was too smart to fall prey to the pitfalls of addiction. I also believe that the wake up call of prison was the "slap up along side the head" that he needed all along, but had it been administered by me, I would have likely ended up in jail myself! The lying generally disappeared after his stint in the slammer!

    Best Of Wishes & God Bless You & Your's!
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      Originally posted by ford84stepside View Post
      Oh yeah, I know. How well I know. One good thing for you is you didn't have to take in your son's child like we did. I love my Grandson, but this was not what I had planned for this stage of my life. And having to deal with all his issues, a lot that were caused by his parents drug abuse, is almost more than we can take sometimes. My wife is not in the best of health and does the best that she can, but I fear there will be a day in the not so distant future when we have to just let him go because we aren't able to handle him anymore. As we all age, he gets stronger.....and more defiant.....while we get weaker. Don't know how much longer we'll be physically able to do it, he can be quite violent at times. He has destructive tendencies, he kept swinging on a room door until he pulled it down, even after being told numerous times to stop and several switchings with a switch. Last night he destroyed the 31" TV in our bedroom by spraying water on it until it quit, he's already destroyed two computer monitors the same way so he knows not to do it , yet he does it anyway. He also has a bad temper, and will throw stuff when he gets mad. He can be calm and loving one minute, and a raging maniac the next. The meds he's on help, but when they start wearing off, look out. We are hoping he grows out of a lot of this, but really, I don't know if we'll be around to see it. The stress is going to kill us.

      See, I get carried away talking about it too. I think we all just want to get stuff like this off our chest sometimes.
      A friend of mine had a saying I'm believing to be true more every day, "Life's a bitch, then you die".
      You and your wife are to be commended for stepping up! I remember you telling us about this situation a few years ago, and itís sad that this is happening to you now. I gotta agree with you and the others here who say this situation canít be good for not only your health and marriage, but, will likely get worse as you get older....without some professional intervention. You donít mention how old the boy is right now but Iím assuming not into his teens yet. If you combine what you know heís already capable of....with all the trials and tribulations that go along with the teen years, this will undoubtedly not go well if left to you you and your wife.
      Iíve been there done that. The trouble with my son started at about 14-15, and he never looked back.
      I obviously donít know all of the aspects of what youíre dealing with, but from what Iíve read here, please consider some outside help, not only for you and your wifeís sanity, but for the boy also. Maybe if you can get a grasp on him now, he wonít get caught up with the same type of crap my son did. Best of luck to you!!

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        The grandson is 5, but I feel he's probably at least 6 months behind in his development, maybe more. Smart as a whip, it's the behavioral matters that concern me the most. His Dad, my oldest who is in prison right now, was the same way. He was always lazy, scheming to get out of work, instead of applying himself to something he liked. Started about 14 for him too. Passed it right on to the GS. Don't know when he got into the drugs, he left home at 18 and we didn't see him for six months. Been that way ever since, never staying in one spot long, always on the drugs, getting them any way he could.

        One thing that really compounds things is we lost our youngest son in a wreck when he was 20, 10 years ago. Losing the GS would be to the wife just like losing the youngest son. She probably wouldn't last long after that, losing the youngest nearly did her in......
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          This is one of my biggest fears in life. I'm so sorry you guys have had to deal with it. The horror stories out there are just awful. My nephews got wrapped up in it some. No jail time for them (yet), but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes. Drugs are just a terrible weight on society. Reagan had it right. The war on drugs is one of the major issues of our time. Seems we're losing. I have been fortunate with my three kids. I preach to them constantly and read them stories of the horrible plight that drugs bring. I have seen way to many in our neighborhood succumb to the peril. My son, an avid lacrosse player, plays a couple of games each year in downtown Baltimore. The trip through those neighborhoods to get to the fields are scary as hell. Doors are locked and my eyes are like saucers taking in a lifestyle that nobody should ever have to live. Boarded up townhouse one after another all inhabited by vagrants looking for their next hit. Teeth that look like something out of a horror flick. I just show them and preach to them about the evils that drugs bring and try to educate them to steer clear. So far so good, but it still scares me. My youngest is now 16 so I'm nearly in the clear. All are showing promise of making good decisions and are respectable young adults, yet my fingers are still crossed.

          You look at the madness going on in Mexico now and it's just dreadful. The murders and heinous crimes are just unbelievable. I fear Mexico is lost to the cartels. I spent a month traveling Mexico before this was a real issue and loved the country. Now I'd be scared to death to go back. Their tourism industry is collapsing as are politicians in resistance to the cartels. I don't know what the solution is but the path forward is scary.
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