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Rough couple of days {long read}

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  • Rough couple of days {long read}

    This has been a rough couple of days around here. Got out of pattern by not leaving out Wed night, didn't sleep good, left Thurs morning at 4AM. Customer got me unloaded son as I got there, dispatch told me he had me a load in Memphis out of Owens Corning, I was about 35 miles away, so good deal. Get there, they are having a meeting don't get to check in for a while, then when I do, they can't find my load. Tell me it was cancelled on Tues, so I call dispatch back. Sitting there looking at my computer, I see the address is not where I'm at, I screwed up and went to the wrong plant. I haven't loaded out of the other plant in years, and didn't even check the address when I took down my load number. So, I take off to the other plant, get there and check in, and go sit in line behind 6 other trucks. After a half hour or so, they call me and tell me my load number is no good. Call dispatch again, tell them what's going on. They get mad, five minutes later call me back and tell me the number is no good and they don't have another one. I tell them heck with it, I've killed half the morning driving over Memphis for nothing, so I'm going home. Called dispatch one I was home, he had me a pre loaded trailer ready to pick up for this morning, so I'm good. So I thought....

    Come in the house to war. Grandson has busted the Ipad screen again, as well as hitting the wife with it. She in turn pitched it on the desk, catching my 24" monitor almost dead center at the bottom, ruining it. Ipad is about 2 months old, this is the second screen he's busted, this time he also cracked the main screen. The monitor was less than 6 months old, I had bought it to replace the previous one that he soaked with window cleaner, ruining it.

    Now today........

    I get up at 3:45, leave here at 4 AM to go change trailers and head out to Nashville. I dolly my trailer down, then step up on the deck plate to take the hoses and electric cord off, something I've done countless times. I'm sorta half squatting and bend over and feel a hellava pull in my back about where my belt rides. Not in a strain or pulling hard on anything, just bending over, but it hurts pretty bad. Get the lines loose, get back in the truck, just a little stinging, nothing bad, go to another yard and hunt the other trailer, find it and hook it up, no pain, feeling pretty good. Leave the yard and get about two miles away, coming up to first red light and it hits me, HARD. I couldn't even mash the brakes, had to coast a little until I had strength to stop. Pain eased off, so I started off again, then BAM, it hits me again, I could just barely mash the gas pedal, clutch was out of the question. I was squirming in the seat trying to find a comfortable position, finally did, drove on to where I make my first left turn. As soon as I left that light, it hit me again even harder. I managed to let the truck pull itself into a turn/merge lane, and I popped the brakes on. I stood up between the seats and immediately fell in the floor in agony. Got up finally, but I couldn't move, I had to hold onto the seats to stand up. Pain finally subsided a bit and I managed to sit back down. I've hurt my back before straining on something, but this was totally different. Finally after about 15 mins it eased up enough I started toward home, no way was I going to try to go any farther than that. Had a tough time doing that even. Got home and just barely got out of the truck and into the house. I've been taking aspirin and ibuprofen all day and leaning back against the heating pad, lots better tonight, but still hard to walk.

    Then tonight to top it all off, wife went to the cafe to pick up our supper, leaving grandson with me. He got pizzed about something and went into one of his temper tantrums and started throwing things. Threw a coloring book and took out the two week old LED TV in the bedroom. We had to get it to replace one that he sprayed with window cleaner just like he did the monitor 6 months ago. So now I've got to buy another monitor and another TV, plus get the screen cover put back on the ipad. He's not getting the ipad anymore, I'm going to put it in my truck. So in two days, he has directly or indirectly been the cause of the loss of three expensive electronics items, I've missed a load because of my stupid back and missed out on another load on account of somebodies stupidity of cancelling a load and not telling anybody about it.

    Can we go back to Wednesday and start over? I can't take many weeks like this. Money is tight as hell, I can't get ahead for having to spend it on the truck or household items, I'm stressed out like never before trying to make things work and it's all going to sheite. I need to win a lotto or something, or just sell out and go live in a damn cave. But he'd probably throw a rock and the cave would fall in on me..........
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    Sorry man. Sounds like the grandson needs to do without electronics for a spell. More worried about your back. I too have those issues. I had a discectomy about 3 years ago. Has me functional but there's always some level of pain. Has me back to living life again tho, so I'm not complaining. Back issues suck. Helped a neighbor move a couch 2 days ago. Should have known better. Was fine at the time, but I'm paying for it now.
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      Oh boy do you sure have your hands full with that boy! I sure hope you can find some help for all of you before he gets too out of control. Hard to believe how he seems to know, at his age, that taking his anger out on the electronic items is expensive. Maybe until he gets past that, replace the expensive flat screens with some old tube TVís off Craigslist or something..,.theyre a dime a dozen.
      Hope your back starts feeling better. Iíve been very fortunate with my back, never any issues.....but my girlfriend has had chronic back pain for a few years now, especially after her accident where her foot was crushed 4 years ago.
      She has a bulging disk in her lower back and some degenerative bone issues also. She has a follow up here in next few oweeks to figure out what they can do for her medically. It sucks. Her quality of life is not that great right now, and we are both only 51.
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        So sorry to hear of your back problems, I have been "living" with a bad back for the last 35 years & is why I am not a auto tech any more. I pulled a muscle in my lower back when I was in my mid 20's & when ever I do too much lifting I feel it in my lower back. That is why it has taken me 18 years to get my 69 Mustang from a bare shell to where it is today because I can only work on it a couple hours a day before my back starts acting up & I have to call it quits.
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          Sat morning update; back is still sore as hell, have to watch how I move or it catches and sends pain shooting. Looks like another day of meds and the heating pad.

          Looked online for some replacement electronics last night. The TV is more for the wife, she thinks we have to have one in the bedroom, the monitor goes on this desktop which I lay claims on. Using an thrift store Dell 17" I bought for $7 as a spare for the GS's desktop, better than nothing, but everything is sure small compared to the 24" I had. Can get both replacements for around $140.

          Grandson has Dr appt on Tuesday, I hope they can get his meds strong enough to control his behavior. I tell you, he is wearing us down, fast. Wife can't or won't see it, but I don't see us being able to keep him here much longer. If I were retired and home all the time, maybe, but like it is now, I'm seldom home anymore. She's not going to be able to keep on with the problems she already has, but I can't get her to face the facts. I hope she soon wakes up.
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            This is bad! Hope you can get the grandson some help, so that you can get some relief.
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              Stay positive Bobby! Hopefully the coming week will go better for you. Like others said above, sounds like youíve got your hands full with your grandson.
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                Hang in there Bobby. Tackle each problem individually instead of letting them gang up on you. Hopefully they can get the grandson settled and then you guys can start tackling the root cause of everything and get him straightened away.
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                  Back was better yesterday afternoon, so we went and got another TV. Couldn't find another Samsung like we had, that one was a close out and we got the last one, so we got a Sanyo around the same price. Piece of crap. Nowhere near as nice as the previous Samsung, pic is nowhere near as clear. Doesn't have the wifi, either, so I can't try streaming like I was going to with the other one.

                  Got up this morning, back is catching again. Hope meds and heat again do the trick. Hard to play hurt, but you do what you gotta do.....
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                    Thatís terrible. Good thing youíre strong enough to overcome it, though. Hereís to brighter days.
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                      I managed to make the trip to Nashville and back, fixin' to leave and go toward Clarksville TN. Not bad while driving, but when I get out it takes a few minutes to get the kink worked out. Hope it's gone before the end of the week.
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                      " Sometimes you fix the car, sometimes the car fixes you" Steve L.

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                        Sounds like you've got a pretty full plate right now. Hang in there. I had something similar happen with my back to where I was rolling around on the ground trying to get into a comfortable position. I was just about ready to find a chiropractor and decided to do some back stretches while soaking in a hot bath. I heard something crackle and things seemed to get better. My wife (currently working on her PhD in clinical pharmacology) had me taking a pretty good dose of ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) for a few days and I think that helped, too. Hopefully you can get that under control, as it makes dealing with other things that much tougher.
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