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Ford trademarks Mach E.......electric stang

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  • Ford trademarks Mach E.......electric stang

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    I am SOOOOOOO f*****g glad I got out of that business when I did. I can't stress enough how bad it was getting to actually making money trying to fix these cars. What kind of research did Ford do that said lets kill the Fusions, the Focus', the C-maxes (which all have their own hybrid models), and put an ELECTRIC powertrain in a MUSTANG??
    Sure, sounds kind of cool conceptually, and might sound cool to those who will NEVER BUY ONE, but to those who have to repair this JUNK, it's going to be just another nightmare.

    Fords technical training, their technical (I use that word conservatively) hotline, and overall engineering SUCKS so bad right now! I was at my old dealership this Saturday and one of the RAV (re-acquired vehicle) techs was telling me about a Lincoln MKZ hybrid with an intermittent electrical draw that he was working on when I left back in September. The car had been thru 2 other RAV dealers (where they SAID it was repaired, resold, then re-acquired again), has had a field service "expert" come out and attempt to assist a couple of times, and had an engineer out to look at it. He said they had replaced just about everything on the vehicle.....and then it ended up with an additional problem where a couple of modules wouldn't program and sync with the powertrain control module, so Ford sent a truck and picked it up. The vehicle is going to be crushed. I can't tell you how many Ford Focus' and Ford Fiesta's have been crushed due to the poorly engineered automatic transmission clutches. The good thing about being a RAV tech, is you do end up getting paid for your work.....but as a RAV dealer, who may have 5-50 RAV's in the inventory at a time, for anything from simple issues that the customer got the car bought back for, to complex electrical issues, to mechanical issues etc's a completely thankless job.

    Anyway, rant over. The point of my post is.....if this over-engineered POS Mach E ever actually does make it to assembly, I feel sooooo sorry for the techs that are going to get saddled with attempting to repair it.
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      No, and not just no, but F**K NO! I will NEVER buy an electric car, and I dont care what dumbazz nameplate they put on it.
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        NO electric car for me, no way, no how. I will turn in my drivers license first before driving an electric car. There is nothing like the sound of the rumble of a V-8 engine. And don't get me started on autonomous cars.
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          In addition to those many downsides of electric powered vehicles, isnít it amazing that very few people talk about the impact of adding huge electrical loads on an antiquated grid that can lose up to 75% of itís energy in some areas due to resistance in transmission lines and how that would impact energy usage and the use of fossil fuel everyone claims to hate, or the fact that since our energy production system is totally and extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks and a pimpled faced hacker in China or some other enemy state could instantly render most of America stranded and quickly destroyed?

          People rush towards shiny new fads without giving them any thoughts to possible end results.
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            Electric is a ď feel goodĒ choice made without thought. There is a reason electric died when automobiles starting getting popular, it was and still isnít as efficient as having a fuel powered engine on board. Like Steve said, the grid cannot absorb total electric cars, heck, it canít even support everybody running AC in the summer in some places! They like to tout how clean electric is, well maybe the car is, but that juice has to be generated somewhere, and you can bet itís not all clean in that area!

            Look at the range on a total electric, about 350 miles roughly, about the same as some gas cars. Big difference though, you can fill a gas tank in 5 minutes, versus how many hours to charge the battery? They might be fine as city cars or short trips, but anybody going any distance is not going to want to wait hours to recharge so they can finish their trip.

            Iíll never own one, either. Iím with Craig, todayís junk is too complicated, Iíd hate to have to find someone that could work on an electric, or a hybrid for that matter. I think they are a solution to a problem that doesnít exist except in their minds.
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