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cars stolen during Hot Rod tour

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  • cars stolen during Hot Rod tour

    I hate thieves of any kind !!!!

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    Aw, just a bunch of GM stuff, nothing valuable.

    I agree, hate to see anybody lose their stuff like that. Probably used a repo wrecker, back up, raise it up, take off. Gone in less than 60 seconds.....
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      i want the thieves caught, prosecuted, and if convicted hung naked by the most sensitive parts of their bodies in public, and allow the public to give them a few whacks with a cat o nine tails for six months straight. and then we can get mad at them
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        Any time there is a big group of fairly valuable cars gathered together, there is gonna be someone to try and steal them. A lot of of years ago a buddy of mine had his fully restored 67 Shelby GT500 stolen out of the hotel parking lot at the national Shelby convention. It took a couple of years and just pure dumb luck on the police side, but he got the car back.
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