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dyno question

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  • dyno question

    the builder will break in & set up the engine for my coupe on a dyno
    . so I am wondering if there is any reason that later on I have it chassis dynoed ?

    thanks, Keith
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    Maybe just for bragging rights on having a legit number at the rear wheels?
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      i agree, once the engine is set up a tuned on the engine dyno, there is no need to run it on a chassis dyno.
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        Unless you want the exact RWHP number, you can get a reasonable estimate just by reducing the crank HP by 20% for a automatic or 15% for a manual.

        Chassis dynos are great for fine tuning your carb and timing, though.
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          It will show you how much you are losing thru the drivetrain. The looser the converter, the more you lose to the wheels.
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