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Terrible Golfer?

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  • Terrible Golfer?

    An American born "International Businessman" who was known to be a horrendous, yet avid golfer was visiting Japan and decided to play some golf. While playing, he was all over the place with his shots, even landing on the adjacent green several times. Every time he went drastically off course, some one would shout the same angry words in Japanese, but not knowing the language he simply brushed it off. After one particularly terrible shot, a golfer that he almost hit with his ball started angrily and threateningly shaking his club at him and shouting that same phrase over and over again. He turned to the Japanese man that he was golfing with and told him he had heard that phrase the night before, just before his high priced lady of the night had stormed angrily out of his hotel room and asked the Japanese fellow what it meant! His fellow golfer looked down with a chuckle and told him, "that phrase translated into English means 'Wrong Hole, You F---ing Moron, Wrong Hole!'"
    Glad That I Don't Golf!
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