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  • Watching YouTube videos...

    ...makes me realize how badly high school shop classes are needed. Its amazing how many young guys think just because they used a 1/2 inch wrench to remove a bolt, the bolt is a 1/2 inch bolt, instead of it being actually a 5/16 bolt, because the number does not refer to the head of the bolt, that is the across flats measurement, the size of the bolt refers to the diameter of the shank of the bolt. Then I watched some kid make a tool that he said I absolutely needed in my toolbox, which involves him taking $10 worth of iron rod stock and use some goober welds to make a extension for his adjustable wrench. Ever hear of a pipe, kiddo? Then watching these guys handle power tools and not wearing eye protection makes me feel like the future will be full of a lot of one eyed guys named lefty.
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    I have a new friend that I met this summer who teaches a High school auto shop class. He has worked in Alan Johnson's high end hot rod shop before that produced a Riddler award winner, and he passes his knowledge onto his students. Last year they took a old school bus, shortened it, put it on a 1 ton frame, and made a driver out of it. I think he said he put 20,000 miles on it last year! They learn safety first, then the mechanics of things. This year, they are working on making a roadster out of a 60 Caddy, kind of a Ed Roth type thing. He has students that graduate at the top of their classes in trade school. He's probably one in a thousand, but there are still a few good teachers out there.
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      Originally posted by ford84stepside View Post
      ,,,,there are still a few good teachers out there.
      I would say it isn't the teachers as much as it is the fault of the school systems.
      I am aware of a high school where the students can do some menial shop-type projects involving drill presses and pedestal grinders, but the lathes, mills, table saws are all tagged out DO NOT USE. It is mainly due to the fact that they are broke down, worn out, or even missing parts. The school system is not putting any $$ into these programs. Computers and audio / video stuff is what the kids want and where the $$ are being spent. Sports boosters and alumni adults/parents raise $$ and demand matching $$ for improved sporting gear, arenas and fields. But when was the last time you heard of a fund raiser at your neighborhood school intended for new/better industrial shop equipment? Yeah, me neither........

      True story from just last week:
      I am involved with a 4-county manufacturers association of industrial safety professionals. This past Fall, a local community college hired a new shop instructor to head up their industrial arts department. The instructor is very knowledgeable, but could not even get simple safety issues (exposed/open electrical wires, missing machine guarding, chemical labels, etc.) corrected by the college administration (the admin claims because the school is a learning institution, not a factory, they don't need to be OSHA-compliant (!). The instructor approached the association with his dilemma, who suggested to do a probono safety tour of the college's shop area and submit their findings to the college president to show him the new instructor wasn't just shouting 'wolf...... now that is pretty sad that he had to go to such lengths just to try to get some action. We submitted a list of findings.... now we'll see what is done, if anything.

      Lastly -- Get this: Students are not employees, so they are not covered by any Worker's Comp insurance. Last Spring, a student lost the end of a finger in a machine. The school quietly settled with the parents and no corrective actions were taken in the shop ....unbelievable!

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        It seems to old gray haired me that the younger generation should learn to do more with their hands than run a smart phone...I think it's a joke to see them beside the road with a flat tire and not have a clue on how to change it. Make a call and wait seems to be the routine. I know things now are very complicated and unfixable by the common joe, but you gotta know the basics of on the road survival...
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