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Cleaning my tools...

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  • Cleaning my tools...

    I decided to pull out all my sockets and give them a well deserved cleaning and inspecting for cracks, etc, and I have a lot of them. One thing thatís really noticeable is the difference in quality. Looking at my really old (40+ years or older) tools, itís obvious that they were built with quality in mind. Not only are they still around, but the chrome on them still look good, except for a few that have heavy use and look like they are wearing off, but they still are hanging onto the base metal, and you can see the copper bonding metal underneath. Contrast that to the new Craftsman sockets I have I can see the chrome is much more flawed, flaking off around edges, (which sucks because you donít want either cut fingers or dropped chrome flakes in machinery) and they appear to have no bonding metal under the chrome, which is why they are flaking off in the first place. The sad part is that any Craftsman sockets, old or new, will be replaced by low quality Craftsman sockets. Fortunately, Iíve noticed I hardly ever break or replace my old sockets, while my newer Craftsman sockets might as well be on conveyor belts in my shop.

    Note to self: Make it a point to go to more yard sales to look for more old tools. (Especially Snap-On, Proto, SK, Matco, Mac, Cornwall, etc)
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    Steve, it is sad that Craftsman is now cheap stuff. I have a lot of Craftsman sockets that I had purchased when I was starting out in the automotive business in the late 70's.
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      The chrome has been terrible on the Craftman stuff for a while now. I will say, the laser engraved sizing on them is a nice touch though.
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        I don't have much Craftsman stuff, what I do have is older. A lot of my sockets are Stanley brand from WalMart. They have been very durable, only ones I broke were doing something stupid like over torquing them trying to break a bolt loose. Last box of used stuff I bought had some good Craftsman metric sockets, as well as some Blue Point, Snap on, and Proto.
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          Hereís an oddball I came across, a Ď1/2 & 13mmí Metrinch. I have no idea where it came from, probably a car I was stripping or I found it in a parking lot somewhere. Itís certainly nothing Iíd buy, it probably should be named head stripper or something like that, but you never know when you need a throwaway to weld onto a stripped head.


          '70 Mach 1 - '72 Sprint - '94 F-150 XL -'97 E-150 - '18 Edge SEL AWD

          My Mach's restoration progress
          My Sprint's restoration progress
          ĒMercy for the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.Ē ~ Adam Smith