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Refinishing chrome plastic

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  • Refinishing chrome plastic

    I found this incredibly good chrome paint/ink that you apply with an airbrush and the results are remarkable. The ink is called Molotow chrome ink and it’s tough and abrasive resistant, much more than the original chrome plated plastic by far. The paint is about $30 and the airbrush cost me $70 but it takes a surprisingly small amount of paint so it will last for many parts. If you’ve ever looked into how much it costs to replate plastic you know what kind of bargain this is. I think I can even use it to touch up regular chrome parts.

    Amazon shows the airbrush as unavailable but a simple web search shows it available in many places, but I’ll use the Amazon link to show you the product:

    Here’s an example of the results. I’m blown away.


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    That chromed plastic has always been a sore point with me. Like you said, cost a fortune to have redone if you find someone to do it, and what I've painted silver just never looked right. That paint looks awesome in the pics, looks like it has a shine like chrome instead of like a paint. I'll have to file that for later if I ever do another 60's or 70's car.
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